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The 8 Best Coffee Makers to Make Barista Level Coffee at Home

by Kaitlin Graham 30 Oct 2023

A fool-proof way to make cafe level coffee at home is using a good quality coffee maker. From drip brewing, cold brew, pour-over, French press, and espresso, automatic coffee machines make brewing coffee at home a breeze. Read on to find out our picks of the best affordable at-home coffee makers to get the most out of your roast.

Man in blue shirt pouring coffee from French press to white mug

Mr. Coffee

This classic coffee maker is a simple, but effective, way to make a consistently satisfying brew. 

Price: From $34.99 USD
Size: 12 cups

Kalita Wave

Kalita Wave is one of the highest rated pour over machines. It’s simple to use and produces complex flavors.

Price: From $39.60 USD
Size: 1 - 2 cups

Bodum French Press

The Bodum French Press produces a consistent cup of flavorful coffee. It doesn’t use filters or pods, so it’s a good choice for eco-conscious coffee aficionados. 

Price: From $55.99 USD
Size: 8 cups

Ninja Programmable Brewer

The Ninja Programmable Brewer is a high-quality 12 cup brewer with adjustable settings.

Price: From $79.99 USD
Size: 12 cups

Keurig K-Duo Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

The K-Duo Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker provides the choice between brewing either a single cup or a 12-cup carafe. It also has a heated plate to keep your brew warm throughout the day.

Price: From $189.99 USD
Size: Single cup or 12 cup carafe

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De’Longhi Bar Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

This espresso machine is a good option for beginner baristas. It can brew either espressos or cappuccinos, and has a built-in milk frother.

Price: From $199.95 USD
Size: 1 cup

Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System is great for brewing hot tea or coffee or brewing cold brew coffee. The temperature is adjustable so you can brew to your liking. And, it includes a frother, truly making it an all in one system.

Price: From $199.99 USD
Size: 10 cups

OXO Drip Coffee Maker

The OXO Drip Coffee Maker is on the higher end, but it has more advanced features to justify the higher price point. It was engineered to brew at the optimal temperature for the optimal time, and its double-walled stainless steel carafe retains the coffee's heat.

Price: From $229.99 USD
Size: 9 cups 

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