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Should you use purified water to brew coffee?

by Kaitlin Graham 29 Aug 2023

To purify or not to purify? That is the question. For years, coffee experts have debated about whether purified water should be used to brew coffee. 

One on hand, when water is purified it loses some of its natural minerals. On the other hand, some of those minerals can be harmful to your health and can create damage to your coffee maker over time. 

man in white t-shirt and dark blue apron pouring water from a filter jug into a glass

Rather than using distilled or tap water, we recommend using purified water. It doesn’t have the minerals found in tap water, like calcium and magnesium. Distilled water should be avoided because it removes too many minerals. But, if you use tap water, you’ll have to descale your coffee machine because the minerals get trapped in the machine.

Filtered water is best because it retains minerals that provide health benefits, but takes out anything that could negatively impact your health or create buildup on your coffee machine.

Quality water makes the brew taste better. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be bottled water. You could use filtered water from a refrigeration filtration system, a Brita filter, or any other purification system. Regardless, using purified water is better for your health, your coffee machine, and your brew!

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