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Perfect Pairings: The Best Desserts to Pair with Gin

by Kaitlin Graham 09 Dec 2023

Partaking in a Monkey Hanger gin nightcap calls for the perfect dessert to pair with it. Whether you like refreshing, fruity tarts or rich, chocolatey brownies, this guide will help you find the perfect pairing. 

Fruity Desserts

Fruity desserts pair well with gin. Their light, refreshing flavours match with the woodsy, juniper essence of gin to create a complementary taste. Try a lemon or raspberry tart, peach crumble, apple pie, or strawberry sorbet to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tarts, Crumbles, Pies, Sorbet

Chocolate Desserts

Truffles, chocolate cake, and brownies pair nicely with gin. We think white chocolate is a perfect complement for a G&T, but don’t skip experimenting with milk and dark chocolate too.

Truffles, Chocolate Cake, Brownies

Indulgent Desserts

If you like a more elegant treat, a full-bodied cheesecake or a caramelised crème Brûlée will take your evening drink to the next level.

Cheesecake, Cr ème Br ûlée

Savoury Desserts

If sweet is not your thing, gin also pairs beautifully with a cheese board. Try creamy cheeses like a soft Brie, or go for big floral flavours with blue cheese.

All Cheese, Fruit Preserves, Olives

Pro Tip

Switch up the tonic water and garnishes in your G&T to work with your chosen dessert for the ultimate pairing.

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