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Introducing de Bourbon - Our Limited Edition Coffee

by Kaitlin Graham 07 Jun 2023

Rich history meets rich flavors. Inspired by the de Bourbon Dynasty of France, our limited edition de Bourbon coffee is to die for. 

Who is the de Bourbon Dynasty?

The de Bourbon Dynasty is a French Dynasty that was in power in France prior to the French Revolution. The monarchy supported a feudal system, where the wealthy had more than enough and the lower classes had scarce resources. The king and queen during that era were Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, of “Let them eat cake” fame, who had no sympathy for the masses.

Illustration of Marie Antoinette feasting with feet up on the table.

After several years of unrest between the monarchy and the people of France, in 1792 a National Convention met. It abolished the monarchy and established the republic of France. In the months following, both Louis XVI and Marie-Antionette were executed for treason and lost their heads, and the de Bourbon Dynasty officially fell out of power.

It’s likely that without the fall of the de Bourbon Dynasty, the Napoleonic Wars would never have happened, and we wouldn’t have our legendary Monkey Hanger story.

Why did we choose the name “de Bourbon”?

During the American Revolution, the de Bourbon Dynasty became popular with settlers. When the US expanded through what is now the states of Virginia and Kentucky, a large run of land was named Bourbon County after the de Bourbon Dynasty. The area was known for making great whiskey. Barrels of whiskey from Bourbon county were sent down the Ohio river on barges, stamped “Bourbon” to mark where they came from. Barrels with a bourbon stamp became known as reliable whiskey. The history of the de Bourbon Dynasty influenced the naming of bourbon as we know it today. 

We chose to name our limited edition coffee de Bourbon because our de Bourbon coffee beans are aged 30 days in bourbon whiskey barrels, going through a similar process to bourbon whiskey.

Aged bourbon barrels stacked

De Bourbon Coffee Flavor Profile

Our de Bourbon coffee features single origin Guatemala green beans that have been aged for a minimum of 30 days in a bourbon barrel and then craft-roasted to a medium roast. It creates a distinctive flavor that is a must try. Tasting notes are green apple, milk chocolate and roasted almond, with subtle undertones from the barrel aging. 

Don’t wait, as just like the de Bourbon Dynasty, our limited edition de Bourbon coffee won’t be around forever.

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