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How to Make the Ultimate Gin and Tonic

by Kaitlin Graham 10 Oct 2023

Gin & tonic is a staple cocktail that you can find nearly anywhere, from dive bars to elegant restaurants. So, how did gin & tonic come to be and why do we still drink this centuries old cocktail today?

How did gin & tonic become the perfect pairing?

Originally, the gin & tonic was created as a form of medicine. In the 1800s, British soldiers took control of India. In doing so, they came into contact with malaria, a serious, flu-like illness. A natural medicine, quinine, was found to treat malaria. However, it had an awful taste. So, British soldiers got creative. They combined the quinine with gin, lime, water, and sugar to make the infamous gin and tonic. 

After an endorsement by Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the mid 19th century for its health benefits, the cocktail became an essential part of life in the UK. Facing similar concerns, American soldiers took up the practice of drinking gin & tonic and brought it back to the States.

Then, in the 1970s, vodka became the drink of choice and gin went out of fashion.  

But, in the 2010s, gin & tonic made a comeback. High-end, classy restaurants began making artisanal cocktails again. This trend spread from the UK, to America, and throughout Western Europe. Today, gin & tonic remains a perfect pairing because of its flavour and simplicity. 

How To Make the Ultimate Gin & Tonic

Tonic water blends seamlessly with the botanical flavours of gin. Since it doesn’t require complex mixology techniques, anyone can make a gin & tonic worthy of sharing. Here's how to make the ultimate gin & tonic.



    1. Put ice cubes in a serving glass. 
    2. Pour gin over ice, then add tonic water and lime juice.
    3. Stir with a long necked spoon.
    4. Garnish with lime wedge.
    5. Enjoy! 

A Monkey Hanger Twist:

If you’ve nailed the recipe above, get fancy with your citrus by replacing the lime wedge with a twist of fresh lemon and lime peel. Cheers!

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