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How Drinking Sustainable Coffee Builds a Sustainable Future

by Kaitlin Graham 17 Jun 2024

Sustainably sourced coffee is produced in a way that doesn’t cause any negative effects to the environment. It provides benefits to our ecosystem, and in turn produces a high-quality bean. 

What makes Monkey Hanger coffee sustainable?

There are no official requirements of a coffee for it to be considered sustainably sourced, however there are some commonly accepted characteristics. 

According to Conservation International, sustainable coffee is coffee that is grown in a way that conserves nature and provides better livelihoods for the people who grow and process it.

Sustainably sourced coffee is typically produced in small batches by local farms. Growing coffee beans in small batches is more eco-friendly than large batch production because it ensures that the coffee isn’t overproduced and doesn’t go to waste. Plus, local farms respect the natural ecosystems. They work with the land rather than against it, allowing coffee trees to grow naturally, without tearing down native species of plants that may be competing for space.

In addition, our coffee is freshly roasted to order. This further eliminates waste because we only roast what is going to be consumed in the near future. We don’t roast the beans ahead of time, ensuring they don’t go out of date sitting in inventory for extended periods of time. 

Why should I buy sustainably sourced coffee?

Since most coffee is often grown in the tropics, large coffee plantations cut down natural forests to increase production, leading to deforestation. Deforestation releases more carbon into the atmosphere and is a direct contributor to climate change. A rise in demand for coffee could lead to more deforestation if sustainable measures aren’t taken. 

Further, coffee buyers want inexpensive coffee, but coffee is expensive to produce, so some producers take shortcuts, like exploiting their workers, to lower prices. We take pride in the fact that we pay our farmers fairly and they take care in the production of our coffee. Adding to that, fair wages allow workers to invest in their local communities, creating a sustainable future not only for the environment, but for the people in it. 

An added benefit is that sustainably sourced coffee often tastes better because it is carefully and artfully produced by farmers who respect the craft of coffee growing. Opting for sustainably sourced coffee from local farms is a small step we can take towards protecting our environment. Buying sustainably sourced coffee is good for the planet, and your tastebuds.

Browse our sustainably sourced Monkey Hanger coffee and enjoy your cup of joe, guilt-free.

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