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Hartlepool to Host Tall Ships Race 2023

by Kaitlin Graham 01 Jul 2023

From Thursday July 6th to Sunday July 9th, Hartlepool will host the Tall Ships Race 2023. This four-day celebration is one of the largest maritime events in the UK, and it’s free to attend! 

Tall ships docked in Hartlepool

The first Tall Ships Race set sail in 1956. Organized over 50 years ago by the Sail Training International Race Committee, the first International Tall Ships Race went from Torbay, UK to Lisbon, Portugal. The event was expected to be a one-time celebration to commemorate the retirement of Class A Tall Ships. 

The race was a huge success, and the Sail Training Association was born. It focused on encouraging and training young people to continue the tradition of sailing. The association grew immensely over time and transitioned to Sail Training International in 2002. 

Today, the Tall Ships Race draws 70-100 ships and inspires international friendly competition. The race is held every summer, where ships race through European water, from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

This year, over 30 ships will make the journey from Den Helder, Netherlands to Hartlepool, England. Then they will trek back across the sea to Norwegian Fredrikstad. This iconic event is world famous for its celebration of culture and international friendships. 

Hartlepool expects to welcome thousands of visitors to see the ships and enjoy a vast program of live music, entertainment and more, during the event.

This isn’t the first time Hartlepool has had the honor of hosting the Tall Ships Race. In 2010, tens of thousands of visitors attended the event during the town’s first-time hosting. The four-day festival was a huge success, with ships from all over the world docked in Hartlepool as the event ramped up.

This year, the impressive music and performance line up will provide non-stop entertainment to attendees. Click here to learn more about the event.

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