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Everything You Need to Know About the 3 Types of Coffee Grinds

by Kaitlin Graham 24 Apr 2023

Why does coffee grind type matter?

If you’re a coffee lover who likes to kick start their day with a fresh cup, you may be wondering how to make your perfect brew at home. It all depends on your preferences to choose which coffee grind is right for you. Coffee grind describes the coarseness level of the coffee beans after they have been ground up and prepared for brewing. The type of coffee grind that is ideal for each person depends on what they’re looking for in their coffee. Coffee grind size matters because it affects contact time, extraction rate, and flow rate. Continue reading to find out the differences between each grind and which Monkey Hanger coffee to choose based on your preferences.


Coffee Grind Types


Coarse Grind

Coarse grind leaves the coffee beans in small chunks rather than a fine powder. Coarse grind is great for making cold brew coffee because the thickness of the grind allows the water to pick up more flavor from the grounds and give a smooth brew. It’s also the perfect grind for brewing with a French press because it prevents small coffee grounds from getting into the brew and making it gritty. Coarse grind has a slow flow rate because the thickness of the grind slows the flow of water through it. The slow flow allows for a longer contact time, which creates a stronger, fuller flavor.

Complimentary Brewing Methods: Cold Brew; French Press

We Suggest: Barrel of Monkeys, Honduras & Brass Monkey

Medium Grind

Medium grind is the grind of choice when making coffee with the pour over, siphon, or coffee machine methods. The texture of a medium grind is akin to sea salt, somewhere between the chunkiness of a coarse grind and the powderiness of a fine grind. Medium grind is the best to use when brewing coffee with a coffee machine. It’s thin enough for the water to flow through it when brewing, but it's still thick enough that tiny pieces of coffee grinds won’t end up in your brew. Because it’s medium grind, it has a medium extraction rate, a medium flow rate, and medium contact time. It’s the best grind to choose if you want your coffee to be strong, without being too bitter.

Complimentary Brewing Methods: Pour Over, Siphon, Coffee Machine

We Suggest: Costa Rica, Ethiopia & Firepower


Fine Grind

Fine ground coffee beans have a texture that is similar to table salt. Extra-fine grind has a powdery texture, similar to powdered sugar. One of the biggest benefits people have found with buying fine ground coffee is its quick brew time. It’s most commonly used when brewing through an espresso machine or in a Turkish coffee pot on the stovetop. These brewing methods are fast, so it’s essential for the beans to be ground up finely for the water to soak up the flavors quickly. Fine grind has a fast flow rate, meaning it requires less contact time to extract flavor from the beans and brew the coffee. For espresso lovers who enjoy strong coffee, fine grind is the way to go.

Complimentary Brewing Methods: Espresso, Turkish Coffee Pot, Stovetop

We Suggest: Barrel of Monkeys & Honduras

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