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The Happenings of H’Angus the Monkey

by Kaitlin Graham 22 Jan 2024

Half peeled banana in child's hand

So how did H’Angus the Monkey become mayor? This question has plagued Hartlepudlians since 2002, when the Hartlepool United football club mascot was elected town mayor. Not only did the mascot run for mayor and win, he continued to be elected for 11 years! 

Stuart Drummond, the man behind the monkey, ran as an independent in Hartlepool’s first town mayor election while wearing the iconic H’Angus the Monkey mascot costume. He started the campaign for a laugh, but the locals loved him and he won the election three times! His run as mayor ended in 2013 after Hartlepudlians voted to switch to a committee system. 

While Drummond’s campaign started with a gimmick, his plans for Hartlepool were no joke. As Hartlepool’s first and only town mayor, Drummond was passionate about doing what was best for Hartlepool, and he didn’t mind looking silly to get it done. He even delivered on his original campaign promise for the council to provide free bananas to school kids in the town!

Captivated by this story? Check out some of the local and national news reports about this incredible election.

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