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Cold Brew Like a Pro: 5 Cold Brew Brewing Methods

by Kaitlin Graham 17 Jul 2023

Cold brew is a fan favorite for those who choose iced coffee over hot coffee no matter the weather. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can enjoy your chilled coffee with these cold brew methods! 

Large glass filled with cold brew coffee

Immersion Brewing
Steep and filter

The immersion brewing method is one of the most common ways that cold brew is made. Coffee is combined with water, using a ¼ cup coffee to 8-ounce water ratio, then steeped for 12-24 hours. Once it’s finished steeping, the coffee is filtered out of the finished brew. 

Difficulty:  Easy
Cost:  $
Time:  12-24 hours

Cold Brew Bag
One step cold brew

This method works similar to the way tea bags work, minus the hot water. Simply put a cold brew bag into a pitcher and wait a few hours. To use this method, you can either use pre-made cold brew bags or reusable cold brew bags. 

Difficulty:  Easy
Cost:  $
Time:  12-24 hours 

Toddy Brewing
Filtration system

The Toddy cold brew method is an all-in-one system that processes and filters the brew in a similar way to the immersion method. Toddy is a coffee maker that allows cold water to slowly drip through coffee and filter without being heated. 

Difficulty:  Easy
Cost:  $$
Time:  12-24 hours

Ice Drip
Pour-over meets cold brew

Silver cold brew ice drip machine with white cup and ice

The ice drip method is essentially a slow, cold brew version of the pour-over brewing method. It involves an ice drip maker. Its top is filled with ice, then a middle chamber with a filter is filled with coffee grounds. The smooth brew fills the bottom chamber. 

Difficulty:  Medium
Cost:  $$
Time:  24+ hours

Nitro Cold Brew
Nitrogen infused

Nitro cold brew uses nitrogen to infuse cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas to create a creamy texture and flavor. This cold brew method is ideal for cold brew fans looking for a sweet and rich essence. 

Difficulty:  Hard
Cost:  $$
Time: 18-24 hours

Goblet glass with cold brew near a wooden board with spilled coffee beans

Whatever your preferred brewing method, keep a bag of Brass Monkey on hand ready for your next batch of cold brew.

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