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Le Réveil - The Story Behind the Name of Our Breakfast Blend

by Kaitlin Graham 25 May 2023

Le Réveil is our popular breakfast blend coffee. With notes of toasted cereal, tobacco and spice, it’s a breakfast blend that is rival to none.

Red alarm clock with steaming coffee as the clock face

How to Pronounce “Le R

Le Réveil is a traditional French word, and as such the French pronunciation uses sounds that we don’t have in English. The English pronunciation of Le Réveil sounds like “Luh Re-vel-ee.”

Why “Le Réveil”

Le Réveil directly translates from French to English to mean the awakening. However, it’s commonly used by French speakers to mean alarm clock. In the military, a bugle song called “Reveille” is played to wake up soldiers at sunrise. While it’s a French word, this wake up call is used in the American military. 

Silhouette of military guard blowing a bugle against a cloudy sky

We chose to name our breakfast blend Le Réveil because what better wake up call is there than the smell of fresh coffee? Sip this smooth blend of South American coffees to start your day right. The bright flavors of our breakfast blend will surely awaken you.

Shop now to wake up to Le Réveil – choose from whole bean, coarse, medium or fine ground, or our ultra-convenient single use pods.


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