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How to Become a Barista at Home

by Kaitlin Graham 25 Mar 2024

Pouring frothed milk onto a coffee in a white cup

It can be daunting to figure out how to create cafe level coffee from your own kitchen. But it doesn’t have to be. Whichever brewing method you choose only requires a few pieces of equipment and a few minutes to make a fresh, energizing brew. 

Essential Supplies

There are a few things you’ll want to have to brew the perfect cup of joe. First, whatever equipment your brewing method requires, like a pot and filter. Second, cream or milk and flavored syrups. Adding a rich, creamy milk adds to the complex flavors of your brew. And adding a flavored syrup, like caramel, French vanilla, or mocha adds sweetness that pairs perfectly with specialty coffee. Following these steps will help you craft a high-quality, smooth, flavorful bevvy.

Specialty Equipment

To make your coffee more luxurious, you may want to invest in other equipment to take your brew to an even higher level. 


A milk frother adds air to the milk, creating a thick, yet light, foam. Add a rich foam to your cold brew, latte, or cappuccino to create a barista level brew. 

Steam Wand

Steam wands use pressure to evenly heat up milk for coffee and tea. It’s an ideal tool for adding hot milk to your espresso for a classic hot latte.

Coffee Scale

Weighing out the coffee before you brew it is a sure way to make the perfect strength of coffee every time. A coffee scale is recommended by many professionals because it weighs out the coffee, down to the gram, for an exact measurement.

Ceramic Mugs

Coffee experts have determined that ceramic is the best material for a coffee mug because it retains heat and doesn’t seep any of its material into the brew, like stainless steel and plastic do. If hot coffee is your thing, then ceramic is the way to go! 

Pro Tips

Use Filtered Water

Using purified or filtered water ensures that you have a consistent brew every time.

Add Spices

While it depends on the flavor notes of the coffee you brew, adding spices can add sophistication to the tasting notes. Consider sprinkling cinnamon, allspice, or ginger.

Be Patient

Your brew may not be perfect for your first, second, or even third cup. But don’t give up on it. Have patience and remember that practice makes perfect! 


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