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9 Essential Tools to Become Your Own Bartender

by Kaitlin Graham 08 Nov 2023

Some nights you just don’t feel like going to the pub for a drink. Here are 9 essential tools that will allow you to create your own bar set up at home and be your own bartender.

Silver bar tools on a dark counter next to a gin and tonic in a cut glass with lime and herbs

Shaking Tins

Shaking tins are one of the essential tools for mixing classic cocktails. Pour your spirits and mixers into one tin, and shake, shake, shake! Then, strain your cocktail into the second tin for serving.

Cocktail Strainer

A cocktail strainer is another staple in a bartender's toolkit. Strain out things like seeds, ice, and herbs, to produce a smooth, full-flavored mixed drink.


This small measuring tool allows bartenders to pour precise ounces of spirits and mix-ins with ease.

Bottle Opener

Arguably one of the most important bar tools, the bottle opener is a simple and effective way to get tight bottles open fast.


A muddler is a cylindrical tool that is used to mash botanicals, such as herbs and fruit. It releases the flavors of the botanicals to give you a well-rounded cocktail.

Teardrop Barspoon

This multi-use barware is perfect for stirring cocktails, or for measuring small amounts of ingredients when the recipe calls for it. 


Juicers can be expensive, but if you’re willing to splurge they are a great option for producing fresh juice for sweet, summer cocktails.

Mixing Glass

Mixing glasses are fundamental in building the perfect at-home bar set up. Certain alcohols get frothy when shaken, so mixing glasses are a great alternative. Directly pour your alcohol and mixers into a mixing glass, and use a bar spoon to carefully stir up your cocktail.

Citrus Press

A traditional hand-held citrus press is essential barware for citrus-based cocktails. It easily produces enough juice for a few cocktails and collects the seeds so you don’t have to worry about those landing in your finished drink.

Of course, there are a number of other tools that could elevate your at-home bar, but this list is a good starting point. Stay tuned for our recommended cocktails to get started on your bartending journey!

...and don't forget to keep a bottle of Monkey Hanger gin on hand!

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