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What Does Single Origin Coffee Mean?

by Kaitlin Graham 10 Oct 2023

Coffee has so many labels these days, it's hard to decipher what you’re really getting in a bag. We pride ourselves on being transparent, so we want our customers to understand what makes our single origin coffee special. Let’s get into it.

Two hands holding red coffee beans with coffee plants in background

What does single origin coffee actually mean? 

To be classified as “single origin,” coffee must originate from a single source. It must be produced by a single farm, mill, or cooperative. It means that the coffee beans come from a single place and it’s just one single type of bean, not a blend. 

Single origin coffee maintains the characteristics of the region it’s grown in, which typically results in a higher-quality bean that’s packed with more complex flavors. 

Single origin coffee is also traceable. We know exactly where the beans come from and the processes they go through, so you can be confident that our local growers are treated fairly, and the beans are produced naturally. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts to learn more about each of our single origin coffees.

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