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Single Origin Showcase: Costa Rica

by Kaitlin Graham 10 Oct 2023

Grown in the Brunca region, Costa Rica, our single-origin Costa Rica bean is silky smooth and bright. With flavors of sweet apple, raisin, and honey, this bean will give you a sweet, fruity, full-bodied brew. The caturra catuai bean varietals are grown at altitudes between 1,100 to 1,600 meters (3,600-5,250 ft.) and are harvested between December and February.

Aerial photo of Costa Rica coffee plantations

Costa Rica is known for its coffee and the rich flavors of the coffee it produces. Our beans are grown by the Coope Agri coop of small-scale, local farmers, so buying a bag of Costa Rica beans means you’re supporting the economic development and cultural values of the region. 

This medium-light bean has a smooth mouthfeel that you can enjoy all day long. 

Click here to try it today!

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