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Behind the Gin: How our Gin is Made

by Kaitlin Graham 20 Oct 2023

Legendary gin takes legendary craftspeople to produce. That’s why we looked no further than a monkey’s throw from the site of the monkey legend itself to find an artisan gin distillery. Located in Wingate, County Durham, PitWheel Distillery makes unique, handcrafted gin that pays homage to the heritage of North East England.

Pit wheel silhouette at sunset

About the Distillery

PitWheel Distillery has been distilling signature craft gin since 2019. It was founded by the Rickard family, who turned their hobby of making home crafted gin into a full-time business. The name PitWheel originated from the pit wheels that are used in mining shafts, as Wingate was founded as a mining village. The Rickard family wanted to establish something that symbolised the history and sense of community of Wingate, so they chose the pit wheel as a hallmark of their brand. 

All PitWheel Distillery gin is small batch. It’s artfully and passionately produced in small quantities, resulting in a unique and rewarding flavour profile. It only uses natural botanicals, locally sourced whenever possible, to deliver full-bodied flavours. 

Our Gin

Monkey Hanger gin bottle with lemons, lime, rope and knife

Monkey Hanger Co. partnered with PitWheel Distillery to forge a custom gin to delight the palate. A twist on a traditional London Dry Gin, we have replaced coriander seed with orris root and reduced the juniper to achieve a fresh profile, balanced with elderflower, liquorice and saffron. A uniquely different gin – in a very good way!

Soak up the fresh, floral, and sweet tasting notes of elderflower, Turkish rose, and liquorice. Our gin is distilled using vapour infusion to lock in the essence of the botanicals for a subtle flavor and smooth finish. Its well-rounded profile makes it ideal for a savoury Gin & Tonic or a sweet Tom Collins, or even just on straight or on the rocks. 

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